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Membership of Support Staffordshire

Mon 20 Apr 2015

We would like to welcome you to become a member of Support Staffordshire. Membership is currently free. 

Support Staffordshire is the largest independent local Membership organisation for the VCSE sector and with us your Membership really counts as it makes you a part of our governance. In particular you get to vote at our Annual General Meeting, to elect the majority of our Board of Trustees and to propose motions for the Board to take forward.

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Charter for Collaboration

Sun 19 Apr 2015

Working in partnership has been such a mantra in recent years that it can feel old hat and increasingly a little meaning less. At the same time, many national funders and central government investment in the sector is channelled in such a way that it favours single large companies rather than small local providers and it often drives a competitive wedge between organisations that might otherwise work closely together for a common good.

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Sun 19 Apr 2015

Welcome to the Support Staffordshire blog!

Here you'll find the latest updates from Support Staffordshire as we prepare to launch our new website in the coming months.

You can sign-up to receive our e-newsletter and also follow up @SupportStaffs


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